BCD Polymers Sp. z o.o. is the distributor of plastics.

Our offer includes a broad range of plastics manufactured by renowned companies and an extensive range of masterbatches and additives for the processing industry. Our company offers almost all types of plastic granules used for the manufacture of various products.

The plastics included in our offer come from reliable and trustworthy manufacturers only.

Our offer includes natural and coloured plastic granules:

  • polystyrene,
  • polyethylene and polypropylene,
  • engineering plastics (PA, ABS, POM, PC, SAN, PMMA, ASA, TPE and other),
  • modified plastics (with glass fibre, talc or chalk).

Our offer includes also:

  • colour masterbatches for the abovementioned plastic granules,
  • special additives for plastic granules,
  • auxiliary agents for the processing industry (anti-adhesion agents for injection moulds, cleaning and maintenance agents and other).

All products offered by Motor Polimer company are prime quality products. The quality and technical specifications of the products are confirmed by the necessary certificates.